Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the hours of operation at Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine?

Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine grounds are open daily from 9 am to 6 pm from mid-April through October 19th. Our Lady of Martyrs gift shop is open daily from mid-April through October 19th 10 am to 3 pm. The museum is open afternoons daily during the Shrine season except for Thursdays; additional hours for pre-scheduled pilgrimages.

What is the appropriate attire on the grounds?

All pilgrims are encouraged to wear modest attire while on the Shrine grounds.

Are pets permitted on the grounds?

Pets on leashes are permitted on the Shrine grounds. However, only service animals are permitted inside the buildings. Please be respectful of the holy grounds and other pilgrims and pick up after your furry friends.

Can I ride my bicycle on the grounds?

We ask that you park your bicycle at one of our entrances and enjoy the grounds by foot for the safety of all of our pilgrims.

Are there parking or admittance fees?

Donations are gratefully accepted as Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine is supported entirely by the generous support of our pilgrims and lay faithful; however, there are no parking or admittance fees.

Can we have our wedding or reception at Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine?

Neither weddings nor receptions are celebrated at Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine. Please contact your local parish for more information on the sacrament of marriage.

Can we have a baptism at Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine?

Baptisms are not held at Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine. Please contact your local parish for baptism information.

Can we have a personal professional photo shoot on the Shrine grounds?

As a courtesy to the Shrine, we ask any professional photographers who would like to use the grounds to please call us at (518) 853-3939 for permission. The Shrine respectfully reserves the right to decline any such request at the Shrine’s sole discretion.

Does Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine have overnight accommodations for visitors?

Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine does not have overnight accommodations for visitors at this time.

Can I camp overnight on the grounds?

Groups camping overnight on the grounds are required to carry their own insurance policy. For more information, please contact Beth Lynch at (518) 366-5694.

Are there any picnic tables on the grounds?

Picnic tables are available under the picnic pavilion near the Visitor Center from May through October. Groups wishing to reserve the area are asked to please call us in advance of your pilgrimage at (518) 853-3939.

Is transportation provided on the grounds for visitors who use mobility devices?

Golf cart transportation is provided courtesy of Alpin Haus. Please inform the Shrine before your arrival so that we can ensure we have a driver available for you.

Is the Jesuit Cemetery open to the public and how can I locate the burial plot of a particular priest?

The Jesuit Cemetery is open to the public. Burials are done in chronological order so it is helpful to have a general idea of the date of death.

Will there be any special events at the Shrine on the day my group visits?

To learn if there will be any special events at Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine on the day your group visits, please visit our events page.

How often are tours of the Shrine offered?

Tours of the Shrine can be arranged by calling Beth Lynch at (518) 366-5694.

Is there a Knights of Columbus Council at the Shrine of which I can become a member?

The Shrine grounds are home to Knights of Columbus Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine Council. Click here to email Grand Knight Eric Mazzone.

Is Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine affiliated with or receive financial assistance from the Diocese of Albany?

Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine is located geographically in the Diocese of Albany but is not affiliated with the Diocese of Albany and is financially independent of the Diocese of Albany. The Shrine is owned and operated by the Friends of Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, and is supported entirely by the generosity of pilgrims and lay faithful. Please remember the Shrine in your wills, estates and trusts to help us keep these holy grounds open for generations to come!