Celebrating Mass at the Shrine

A priest from outside the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, NY, celebrating the Sacraments at Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine, is required to send a letter of suitability from his bishop or superior at least one week prior to his arrival at the Shrine.

Please email your letter of suitability to Pilgrimage Coordinator Beth Lynch at beth@ourladyofmartyrsshrine.org and copy Rev. James Ebert, Vicar of Clergy, james.ebert@rcda.org on the email message.

Your letter of suitability must include the following:

In light of the provisions of canon 903 CIC / canon 703 #1 CCEO, I write to inform you that Rev. [Insert Name] is an incarnated priest in good standing at the Diocese of [Diocese Name]. Rev. [Insert Name] currently resides/serves as pastor at [Parish Name] in [Insert City, State]. He will be visiting in your diocese on [Insert Month/Day/Year], and would like to celebrate Mass and/or Sacrament of Reconciliation at Our Lady of Martyrs Shrine in Fultonville, NY.

In regard to Rev. [Insert Name], I am able to make the following statements:

  • He is a person of good moral character.

  • I know of nothing that would limit or disqualify him from priestly ministry.

  • He is in compliance with the requirements of our Safe Environment Program and I am unaware of anything in his background which would render him unsuitable to work with minor children.